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YOU KEEP YOUR TEETH HEALTHY, YOU VISIT YOUR DENTIST, but unexpected problems can happen at any moment. Teeth are strong, they are put through a lot with day-to-day activities, but sometimes the wear and tear on them just gets to be too much. For those moments an emergency dentist is needed. Dr. Trinidad offers emergency dental care in her office.

Emergency dentistry is exactly what it sounds like: an urgent dental need. Most of these needs come unexpectedly – a knocked out tooth from a sports injury, a crown becomes un-bonded before wedding pictures, sudden extreme tooth pain.

Whatever your emergency dental need, Dr. Trinidad and her staff are available to help you with emergency dental care. We are experienced in emergency dentistry and act quickly to relieve pain and solve the problems. Call us with your concern and we will do everything to ensure your need is taken care of.

For your convenience and to serve your emergency needs, we offer an after hour emergency services. Please call the main office number to obtain instructions on how to reach someone for your emergency needs.

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